Coffee & Conversation

A few months ago, I saw one of my LCMC pastor acquaintances post that she would be at a coffee shop, local to her, for a couple hours. She made herself available for anyone that wanted a cup of coffee and a conversation and offered to buy the coffee. I thought it was a great idea but didn’t immediately realize it was something that was a good idea for me too!

As we’ve struggled to “get up and running” here in Waco, Kelli and I, along with our board members, have revisited ways to gather people who want to join us on this journey of starting a new church focused on being an environment for people to receive the love of Jesus and empowering believers to boldly let the love of Christ shine through them. Through prayer and brainstorming, I was reminded of that post about the pastor in another state and decided doing something similar could be very impactful in letting people know our heart for our neighbors, and be an opportunity to share the love of Christ with others at the same time.

Starting back in October, I made a commitment to spend a couple hours at a coffee shop or restaurant here in Waco at least two weekends a month. I post on a Waco community Facebook page to let people know where i’ll be and how long I’ll be there. I also post the sign in the picture on my table as an invitation for anyone passing by to join me too. My first post generated a small amount of attention but some of that attention was from a local business owner that has a bar/restaurant and a coffee shop in the downtown area of Waco. After a brief conversation, they graciously invited me to either of their locations to share my offer of prayer and/or conversation with others. 

While the number of people that have come out or stopped for a prayer or conversation has been minimal to this point, the positive reactions and encouraging messages on the social media posts have been the biggest surprise. These were something I didn’t expect, and seem to be moving other believers to find their own way to be more intentional about sharing the love of Christ with those around them. With Ignite Waco not holding worship services yet, my hope is that we can use the time we would be having worship services to be available to those that need the love of Jesus back in their lives, or introduced to them for the first time.

As we continue this ministry outreach, please pray that God uses me for the benefit of His kingdom.

In Peace,